Ep. 8 The Mom That Didn’t Give Up!, Melody Yazdani Zhang

ASAP Pathway

Nov 27 2023 • 36 mins

The podcast features a conversation between Dr Stacy Ochoa and guest Melody Yazdani Zhang, a photographer and mother. They discuss Melody's experience with her son's sleep apnea and the challenges she faced in getting a diagnosis and treatment. Melody emphasizes the lack of awareness about sleep-disordered breathing in children and the frustration she felt with healthcare professionals. Eventually, she found a new pediatrician and an ENT and a Dentist who helped her son receive the necessary treatment. The conversation highlights the importance of educating parents and healthcare providers about the connection between sleep apnea and behavioral issues in children.

The podcast also discusses the lack of awareness among healthcare practitioners regarding the connection between airways and overall health. Melody shares her personal journey of discovering and addressing her child's airway issues, which resulted in significant improvements in his behavior and overall health. The speakers emphasize the need for more awareness and conversations among parents and practitioners to ensure that children receive the care they need.

This podcast is important because it sheds light on the lack of awareness and information about sleep-disordered breathing in children and the impact it can have on their behavior and overall health. The role that Dentists have in screening and intervening as front line health care providers.

00:03 - Importance of parental education
05:18 - Discovering sleep apnea
12:10 - Challenges with pediatricians
18:17 - Realizing the impact
30:04 - Thriving despite the challenges

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What did Melody's viral Facebook post talk about?Melody's viral Facebook post talked about her son's behavior issues, sleep apnea, and the lack of awareness and information about disordered breathing in children.

What steps did Melody take to address her son's sleep apnea?
Melody took her son to a therapist, a pulmonologist, an ENT, and eventually underwent multiple procedures to address his sleep apnea.

What are some reasons why airway awareness is not widely accepted in the medical field?
Some reasons include lack of education in the school system, overwhelming workload for practitioners, and skepticism among some practitioners.

What changes have been observed in Melody's son after addressing his sleep disorder breathing?
Melody's son has experienced significant improvements in behavior, impulse control, and overall well-being. He now prioritizes sleep and is conscious of its importance.

What is the Melody's hope for the future of airway awareness?
She hopes that more parents will demand proper care for their children and that practitioners will be more open to discussing and addressing airway issues. She believes that increased awareness and conversations can lead to positive change.

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