Ep. 12 DAMM Good Sleep, Pediatric Neurology, Dr. Anne Marie Morse

ASAP Pathway

Jan 1 2024 • 40 mins

In a recent podcast episode, Dr. Stacy Ochoa and Dr. Anne Marie Morse engage in a conversation about the significance of sleep, particularly in pediatric patients, and the role of sleep medicine in improving overall health.
Dr. Morse emphasizes the neurological aspect of sleep disorders and the importance of comprehensive testing and treatment. They also discuss the emerging research on the connection between gut health and sleep. The speakers stress the need for early intervention and highlight the impact of sleep on cognitive function, physical health, and overall well-being. They also address the limitations of current diagnostic methods and advocate for a more comprehensive approach to sleep medicine.
They discuss various topics related to sleep health, including the role of the microbiome in brain function, challenges in home sleep testing for children, and the importance of diet and fiber in maintaining a healthy microbiome. The speakers also touch on social determinants of health and stress the need for personalized care and realistic solutions. They emphasize the importance of addressing sleep duration, quality, timing, and wakefulness to improve overall sleep health.
These conversations are important as they shed light on the relationship between sleep, the microbiome, and overall health. They also emphasize the need for patients to take an active role in their healthcare and for healthcare providers to prioritize listening and partnership with their patients.

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DAMM Good Sleep, Dr Anne Marie Morse



00:03 - Importance of pediatric sleep
11:34 - Challenges in sleep diagnosis
22:60 - Improving patient outcomes

What is the podcast about?
The podcast is about the importance of sleep and airway health for kids.

Who is the guest in the podcast?
The guest in the podcast is Doctor Anne Marie Morse.

What are some factors contributing to sleep disorder breathing in children?
Some factors contributing to sleep disorder breathing in children are tonsils and adenoids, obesity, and craniofacial features.

What is the relationship between the microbiome and sleep disorders?
The microbiome is dysfunctional in sleep disorders, particularly in sleep disorder breathing. Dysfunction in the microbiome can cause chronic inflammation, hypoxia, and sleep fragmentation, leading to obstructive sleep apnea and oxygen desaturation.

What can patients do to ensure they receive the right care for their sleep issues?
Patients can start by symptom charting and keeping a sleep diary to track their sleep schedule and any issues or symptoms they experience. This information can help inform their healthcare partner, whether it's a physician or dentist, and guide them in providing personalized care.

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