Ep. 6 Ears, Nose and Throat ….OH MY! Dr. David McIntosh

ASAP Pathway

Nov 11 2023 • 1 hr 23 mins

This podcast features Dr. David McIntosh, an ENT specialist from Australia, who discusses with Dr. Stacy Ochoa, the importance of airway health, particularly in children. The conversation focuses on the history and evolution of ENT surgery, specifically tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Dr. McIntosh emphasizes the need for collaboration between ENTs and dentists and staying updated with the latest research. The podcast aims to empower listeners with actionable insights and foster a supportive community.

The conversation also discusses mouth breathing and its causes, such as physical airway obstruction. The speakers highlight the importance of accurate diagnosis and treatment for children with airway issues. They discuss the correlation between deviated septum and mouth breathing and the need to address the root causes of mouth breathing.

The podcast transcript also touches on viral infections as the root cause of airway problems and the role of diet in inflammation. The speakers discuss the risks and benefits of tonsil surgery and the impact of mouth breathing on heart function. They emphasize the importance of evidence-based practice and continuous reassessment of treatment approaches.

The conversation also covers sleep apnea, sleep studies, and acid reflux in children. The speakers discuss the limitations of sleep questionnaires and the relationship between acid reflux and sleep disorder breathing. They stress the importance of early intervention for sleep apnea to prevent long-term damage to brain development.

Another topic discussed is brain mapping in autistic children and its implications for their development. The speakers highlight the importance of addressing airway issues before orthodontic treatment and the limitations of sleep studies in diagnosing sleep disordered breathing.

The podcast also touches on the flaws in the American healthcare system and the need for improved diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. It emphasizes the collaboration between medical and dental professionals in addressing these issues.

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Because Kids Can't Wait...

00:03 - The ENT's role in sleep apnea
11:19 - Misinformation in the dental field
21:33 - Putting the patient first
40:58 - Mouth breathing and heart damage
48:29 - Misdiagnosis of sleep apnea
01:00:15 - Reflux misunderstandings and medication
01:08:36 - Normal sleep study, abnormal breathing

What is the historical context of ENT surgery?
ENT surgery gained prominence in the 1920s and 1930s due to the development of safer and easier anesthetic agents. It was thought that tonsils were the cause of many illnesses and infections.
What led to potential research studies in the dental community?
Anecdotal patterns observed in dental practices led to potential research studies.
What are the main causes of mouth breathing according to the speaker?
The main causes of mouth breathing are adenoid enlargement and nasal allergies.
What is causing the body's reaction to viral load and why does it get stuck?
The body's reaction to viral load is a natural response, but sometimes the viral particles can get trapped and take up residency, causing a prolonged immune response.
What are the risks of surgery for tonsil removal and how common is post-procedural hemorrhage?
The risk of post-procedural hemorrhage after tonsil surgery is about 1% in children, but most cases can be managed conservatively without further surgery.

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