Ep. 2 Moms In the Trenches, Dr. Jill Ombrello

ASAP Pathway

Oct 4 2023 • 28 mins

Dr. Stacy Ochoa and Dr. Jill Ombrello discuss the importance of pediatric airway health and sleep. Dr. Ombrello is a fourth-generation dentist and author of "Moms in the Trenches," a book that aims to empower parents with actionable insights and a supportive community to make informed decisions about their children's health. The speakers emphasize the need to break down the complexities of pediatric airway health and sleep in a way that makes sense to parents and provide additional information that may change the way they look at the same problem. The podcast highlights the importance of pediatric airway health and sleep, which is gaining momentum in the medical field. The book provides practical advice for parents on how to improve their children's airway health, and the doctors hope that it will help parents make informed decisions about their children's health.

Join Dr. Stacy Ochoa and her guest Dr. Jill Ombrello, as they discuss the launch of Dr. Ombrello's new book, Moms In The Trenches (Available on Amazon).

Dr Ombrello's Book and Recommended Products

Dr. Ombrello is not only a holistic Dentist with a comprehensive patient care approach...she is a mother! She wrote Moms In The Trenches with the goal of empowering parents in the health trajectory of their children. "Children are sick and are only getting sicker. Begin to understand why and what to do. It's time to get down in the trenches and fight alongside them."

This book shows you how to:
  • Understand the path to sustainable health so you enjoy lasting wellness.
  • Learn your healthcare options so you can make the best-informed choices.
  • Advocate for your kids' health so you lead your family into a better future.
Grab your copy of Moms In The Trenches today!

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