One Tree Hill Season 2, Episode 2: Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise

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Jul 21 2021 • 51 mins

Join Brody, Caitlin, and Jessi as they speculate why on earth two teenagers would get married.  Highlights include: jamming to the theme song in our heads, throwing Steinbeck books into the ocean, can you expand her horizons without expanding her legs?, musical improv from Caitlin, 48 minutes of Brody’s favorite scenes, failing at acting sincere, she’s being a real Dan about the whole thing, cool mom Lydia to the rescue, Karen wins the new season-new haircut game, the genius of Jack Black as an elevator pick, the declining quality of  fake IDs in OTH, unsexy shower pics on low res cell phone cameras, A+++ banter, Jimmy!  Kitchen!  Brownies are done!, it’s comedy Brody let it happen!, Whitey refuses to lay off the shade button, deeply evil Dan moments, ending the episode on a Hamilton reference, it wasn’t a nickname it was a lifestyle, dying on the Mouth hill, shrugging each other’s atlases,  sprinting towards Brody’s absolute limit and trying to hit the brakes, bold Season 2 predictions, and more!

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