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UnSportsmanLike with Evan, Canty and Michelle

ESPN Radio, Evan Cohen, Chris Canty, Michelle Smallmon

Start your day off your right with Evan Cohen, Chris Canty and Michelle Smallmon. Sports, life and laughter are what it’s all about. Energizing, informative and just want you need to take on the day. read less

Our Editor's Take

Sports are America's pastime. They unite in a way few other things can, providing endless entertainment. Keyshawn, JWill & Max is vital listening for sports fans of all varieties. It features three of the most notable sports talk show hosts in modern broadcasting. Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, and Max Kellerman are a dream team of podcasters. With decades of experience between them, they bring an unmatched dynamic and level of knowledge to the table.

With three well-versed commentators engaging in heated conversations, the action is nonstop. This podcast takes the energy found on the court and incorporates it into a lively debate. The opinions are strong, the insights are enlightening, and humor is ever-present. No matter the topic, the crew is flush with expertise. Whether for updates on the latest drama or in-depth analysis of the day's biggest games, listeners can always turn to this podcast.

Past and present superstars frequently join the show to discuss their careers. The sports world is in constant motion, so new episodes drop several times a day. It is the latest, greatest, and most game-changing podcast in the sports world. Listeners can find news, analysis, and more every day. For updates on new releases, subscribe to Keyshawn, JWill & Max on Amazon Music.

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