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In each episode, All That to Say engages fresh minds on the front lines of what matters. From cable news to incarceration, global warming to gospel music, economics to income inequality, this podcast fearlessly confronts the paradoxes of truth, the paradigms of culture, and the presence of the Divine.

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Bible Project: The Bible On Its Own Terms
Bible Project: The Bible On Its Own TermsKevin Palau: Telling the Story of Jesus in a Modern World
Apr 5 2022
1 hr 21 mins
Stephen Arterburn: Frank Talk About Real LifeBill & Gloria Gaither: A Stewardship of Words and a Legacy of LoveAdam Phillips: How Unity and Inter-faith Advocacy Can Heal the WorldLiz Bohannon: Social Enterprise, Gender Equity, and a Little Thing Called “Pluck”Lynn Johnson: Foster Care is FixableA Refugee’s Story of Jesus, Unconditional Love, and Culture Change in the Middle East
The guest for this episode is a Jordanian refugee we call “Samir.” After converting to Christianity as a teenager, he was questioned by the secret police and forced to flee the 97% Sunni Muslim country because of threats to his life and his family. In this in-depth conversation, Samir discussed his experience of how 14 centuries of culture, poverty, and ignorance have fed a distorted view of God that has led to suffering, hate, and war.  He also reflects on the American intervention in Afghanistan, how the figure of Jesus is perceived by other religions in the Middle East, and how the Christian ideals of human dignity, human rights, and freedom have the potential to change a centuries-old culture of fear. As Samir says, “Christianity is the only faith in the word that tells people, ‘I don't care about your performance. I love you regardless of your performance.’” Hosted by: Jim Lyon SUBSCRIBE to the All That To Say podcast on YouTube (http://youtube.com/allthattosaypodcast​) or wherever you listen to podcasts. - Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/all-that-to-say/id1555624956 - Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7jDZ3gy653r3jhyS8mWXF2?si=rRo81YRZTF6Zmg2hnPqf5Q&nd=1 FOLLOW the conversation and like us on social media: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllThatToSayPodcast - Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllThatToSay​ - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allthattosaypodcast/ LEARN MORE about the podcast online: http://www.allthattosay.org/​ #AllThatToSay​
Nov 30 2021
1 hr 33 mins
Zach Szmara: Immigration, Personhood, and the Church
In this intimate conversation, Immigrant Connection executive director Zach Szamara tells the story of how a two-week assignment in Logansport, Indiana evolved into a life passion that has affected thousands of U.S. immigrant families, refugees, asylum seekers, and dreamers. From offering start-up immigration legal services in his local church to 18 locations coast-to-coast, the non-partisan Immigrant Connection has become a trail guide to those navigating legal paths to citizenship.  Listen in as Zach discusses the history of U.S. immigration, and his efforts to change the ways that Americans view immigrants today. "Immigration is an issue," he says, "but immigrants are people." He also discusses what the Bible has to say, and the church’s place in all of this.  A Department of Justice accredited legal representative since 2014, Zach has served more than 2,200 immigrants from 100+ nations in the last seven years. He also serves as the pastor of The Bridge Community Church – a multilingual, multicultural, multiethnic church in Logansport, Indiana. He has spoken nationally on the topic of immigration, diaspora, multi-cultural/multi-ethnic diversity, and holistic outreach to immigrants and refugees.  Hosted by: Jim Lyon _____________________________ SUBSCRIBE to the All That To Say podcast here on YouTube (http://youtube.com/allthattosaypodcast​) or wherever you listen to podcasts. - Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/all-that-to-say/id1555624956  - Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7jDZ3gy653r3jhyS8mWXF2?si=rRo81YRZTF6Zmg2hnPqf5Q&nd=1    FOLLOW the conversation and like us on social media: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllThatToSayPodcast  - Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllThatToSay​ - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allthattosaypodcast/    LEARN MORE about the podcast online:
Nov 16 2021
1 hr 13 mins
Steve Brallier: Author of "Mitka’s Secret: A True Story of Child Slavery and Surviving the Holocaust"Jo Anne Lyon: At the Intersection of Spiritual, Cultural, and Political Change
Oct 19 2021
1 hr 12 mins
Hosanna Wong: Poetry, Identity, and Finding Your PurposeDaniel Harkavy: Leadership as a Life ForceDavid Austin: Food as a Peacekeeping ForceNoel Castellanos: The Way of Justice for the MarginalizedDerick Grant: Making an ImpactKristin Kobes Du Mez: John Wayne, Gender, and the White Evangelical ChurchDavid McIntosh: The Federalist Society & the Future of Conservative PoliticsKatelyn Beaty: Bearing God's Image TogetherPaul Young: The Power of Presence