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This monthly podcast by The Business Magazine will cover many parts of the property industry across the south of England.

Presented in partnership with MSP Capital, this podcast will be keeping those involved or interested in the property industry up to date with content across a variety of topics in the sector.

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Thriving in Tough Property Markets: Insider Strategies from the Experts
Mar 14 2024
Thriving in Tough Property Markets: Insider Strategies from the Experts
In this episode, Stephen Emerson of The Business Magazine is joined by real estate finance expert Lee Merrifield of MSP Capital, property surveyor Nicola King of Wellington King Chartered Surveyors, and commercial real estate lawyer David Fanchi of Lester Aldridge Solicitors. The discussion focuses on navigating the current swollen property market conditions. Key points covered include:- Reasons for cautious optimism as interest rates and inflation are expected to decline later in 2023, improving liquidity.- Risks from geopolitical instability, economic uncertainty, and potential overreaction/self-fulfilling prophecies about recessions. - Advice for developers stuck with unsold properties, including exploring equity release options and open communication with lenders/professionals.- Importance of developers clearly identifying their target buyer and having a marketing strategy from the outset.- Common pitfalls like unrealistic construction budgets and failure to account for rising costs.  - Qualities of successful developers who remain realistic, take professional advice, and adapt to changing market conditions.- Outlook for 2024 depending on factors like the UK election, potential planning reforms, and continuation of sustainability trends.The guests share their motivations around helping people through complex property transactions and playing a role in completed developments.If you are listening on Spotify, please do leave your thoughts, or questions, in the comments section.
Unlocking Property Market Opportunities in the South of England: Insights from Industry Experts.
Feb 15 2024
Unlocking Property Market Opportunities in the South of England: Insights from Industry Experts.
Discover the latest insights from leading figures in the South of England's property industry with our inaugural episode of The Business Magazine Property Podcast, in partnership with MSP Capital. This episode, with Stephen Emerson of The Business Magazine, delves into the evolving landscape of the property market in the South of England, highlighting some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2024 through the expert lens of our distinguished guests:- Adam Tovey of MSP Capital,- Nigel Price of Goadsby, and - James Kidner of TrethowansThe episode includes:- Discussion of the impact of remote work and trends in the south coast's property market, including a shift in buyer demographics and increasing demand for coastal living.- Analysis of the current funding landscape for property development, with a focus on the importance of the right project and location for securing capital.- Examination of the pressures facing the industry, particularly in planning and development, and the impact of government policies on the rental market and housing availability.- Exploration of future trends and predictions for the property market in 2024, including the potential effects of interest rate changes and the upcoming election on market stability and development opportunities.- Personal reflections from the speakers on what excites them about the future of the property market and their professional aspirations for the year.For more updates and insights from the property industry across the south, visit The Business Magazine Property website.For the video version of this episode, watch on YouTube: @TheBusinessMagazinePropertyRemember to subscribe to this channel for monthly episodes that bring fresh perspectives and valuable information on the property market in the South of England.Connect with the panel on LinkedIn:- Stephen Emerson- Adam Tovey- James Kidner