20. On Creating Space & What will Sustain You with Kathy Oneto (A Solo Episode)

Sustainable Ambition

Jun 10 2021 • 21 mins

In this solo episode, I talk about creating space and what will sustain you. The topic of sustainability, creating space, and sustaining myself has been present for me of late, so I thought I’d do a short episode on what I’ve been experiencing in the hopes that it will help you, too.

And with the official start of summer right around the corner, I think it’s a perfect time for the topic. Summer offers us a time when we typically slow down, so despite the world picking up coming out of the pandemic, I encourage you to do the opposite—create space, slow down, and invest in those activities that will sustain you and keep you at your best.

If you’re feeling like you could use a deceleration for the summer, too, just like me, and want time to further recuperate and restore, listen in and consider the questions I offer as prompts to reset your world for summer.

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