#89 Raising Thriving Boys (with Janet Allison)

The Wonder Dome

Mar 22 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

Janet Allison's work asks and helps us answer the question, how do we raise boys to become good men? She is the founder of Boys Alive, an organization that provides coaching and education to parents of boys of all ages. She's also the host of the ON BOYS podcast, which is now four years running with hundreds of thousands of downloads, featuring experts in the worlds of child psychology, development, and parenting.

Even if you are not a parent or don't ever plan to become one, this conversation will deeply impact you. It points to tragic cultural feedback loops that keep making it harder for children of all genders to become healthy, thriving adults.

As a result, we keep reproducing the very social-cultural problems we want to avoid - men abusing power, unable to communicate effectively, unable to express their emotions, confusing strength with force, confusing confidence with arrogance. All of these problems have roots in our culture's approach to raising boys.

Janet has done amazing work as an educator and coach to help people of all backgrounds unpack this. In the process, she helps us think deeply and clearly about who we want our children to become. How do we help our children unlock their full potential without forcing them into rigid gender identities that limit that potential?

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Visit boysalive.com
Listen to on-boys-podcast.com

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