#105 The Tavern at the Beginning of the World (with Lee Chambers and Robert Stephenson)

The Wonder Dome

Aug 16 2022 • 1 hr 15 mins

For episode 105, I am joined from across the pond by Lee Chambers and Robert Stephenson. Lee and Robert each bring a distinct essence to the question:what becomes possible when we discover that our singular point of view on reality is just a small part of a bigger, more complex, more diverse human story?

Together, the three of us tap into the insight that we all need places to meet, nourish, and sustain ourselves and we also need opportunities to travel, adventure, and discover out beyond ourselves. We can’t limit ourselves to one or the other. We need to find ways to integrate both. “The Tavern at the Beginning of the World” is a place to do just that :-)

In the end, this conversation is about what becomes possible if you are willing to shatter your current understanding of reality to find something bigger. Come join us for a drink at the Tavern and see where it takes you…

Connect with Lee and Robert:
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“Mameen” by David Whyte
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