17 I How Catarina Found Financial Balance

Money Files: Wealth Over Now

Apr 6 2021 • 29 mins

I’m turning 30.
I need to make more money.
I want to save money.
Oh and I’m getting a dog.

These few short sentences best describe my client Catarina who I’m featuring in my Money Files series.  When Catarina and I  started working together she fundamentally knew she should be saving money but her greatest financial setback was feeling like she didn’t make enough money to actually benefit from budgeting.  This limiting belief kept Catarina from taking action and gave rise to financial stress.

Through my 1:1 partnership, I helped Catarina learn how to budget (regardless of her income) and find the financial balance between paying her bills, paying down debt, and saving money.  Week after week we worked through aligning her income with her financial values and I helped her practice making intentional money decisions so she could create room for more of the things she loved without feeling guilty about a singular purchase or decision.

Listen to this episode to learn…

  • How giving every dollar a name helped Catarina shift how she thinks about her purchases
  • How Catarina learned to responsibly use her credit card
  • How Catarina’s been able to plan for big bills without fear and anxiety
  • How creating a dream budget helped her redefine her financial goals

If you’ve found yourself frustrated by the thought of budgeting you’ll want to tune into this episode.  Catarina will share the lessons she’d learned that have helped her experience financial balance.

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