When God Operates Differently than You Expect with Josh Barlow - LM0233

Leaders Moment

Mar 15 2022 • 36 mins

Sometimes it's hard to understand how God operates. That makes sense, because we know that God's ways aren't ours. But it can be frustrating and confusing when our expectations don't match our plans. Listen as Josh Barlow shares how his walk with God has taught him the importance of resilience and reliance on God. ➡️ https://leadersmoment.org/233sn (Read the blog post) ➡️ https://leadersmoment.org/233snt (One click tweet) ➡️ https://leadersmoment.org/233snf (One click Facebook share) KEY TAKEAWAYS:Sometimes our expectations don't line up with what God's doing. Pain can bring growth. We can be resilient and also rely on God. LINKS & RESOURCES:https://Techmuscle.com (Techmuscle.com) https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshua-barlow-645a0711/ (Linkedin)  contact@techmuscle.com ABOUT JOSH BARLOWJosh is the owner of TechMuscle, Inc. TechMuscle helps companies save time, gain insight, solve business problems and capture marketing opportunities. Their work spans from building websites (large and small) to custom web and desktop applications. They are seasoned in planning and managing large projects with numerous requirements. ABOUT THE LEADERS MOMENTThe world needs more great leaders, but leadership in God's Kingdom is upside down. If you're looking for answers and insights from leaders who have served faithfully for years and decades, you've come to the right place. The FXMissions Leaders Moment podcast is for the everyday leader who's not chasing titles or accolades or personal gain. It's for the leader who wants to do the very best with what God's called them to, no matter how big or small it seems. Start listening today and see what God does with it! ✅ https://leadersmoment.org/follow (Follow to get the show for free) ✅ https://leadersmoment.org/links (Let's Connect) ✅ https://nscottmcclelland.substack.com/ (Get updates on my book)