Integrity and Respect No Matter the Cost, with Scott Sidler - Part 1 - LM0226

Leaders Moment

Dec 14 2021 • 19 mins

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a tough decision? In this episode, Scott Sidler of Austin Historical shares how he weaves faith and responsibility with everything in his business. Part 1 of our chat is all about the "un-contractor" -- a person who upholds their end of the contract by doing things ethically, honestly and respectfully. We also talk about COVID's impact on building supplies for construction companies like Austin Historical. ➡️ Blog Post: ( KEY TAKEAWAYS: How faith has played a part in Scott's business How Scott approached a business situation that had gone south prior to him stepping in How integrity helped Scott navigate supply and pricing issues during COVID LINKS & RESOURCES: Austin Historical website: ( The Craftsman Blog website: ( Learn to repair and restore your own historic windows: (  Austin Historical: (LinkedIn) Scott: (LinkedIn) (Facebook) (Instagram) (YouTube) (Pinterest) ABOUT SCOTT SIDLER Scott Sidler is the founder and CEO of (Austin Historical, Inc.), a restoration and preservation company based in Orlando, Florida. Scott founded Austin Historical in 2010 when he saw the need for a company dedicated to serve the specific needs of historic building owners across the southeastern US. He is a graduate of Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont where he studied historic preservation and has been restoring historic buildings since the late 1990s. He currently serves on the national board of the Window Preservation Alliance and is Chairman of the Orlando Historic Preservation Board. He is a third generation painter, plasterer, carpenter, master glazier and has a wide breadth of knowledge about historic design and construction techniques. ABOUT THE LEADERSHIP MOMENT Scott McClelland of Foundational Missions shares bite-sized insights into leadership, with a focus on the Bible, missions, and ministry. He pulls from a wide variety of sources and always has something to inspire and challenge us to greatness. ✅ Follow to get the show for free: ( ✅ Let's Connect: ( ✅ Get updates on my book: (