Peter Merholz - The Success of in-house Design and the Design Executive Leader Role

Business X Design

Jan 10 2022 • 52 mins

In this episode, I am joined by Peter Merholz, Design Executive and Organisational Consultant, Author and Founder of Adaptive Path.

His book, co-authored with Kristin Skinner, Organisational Design for Design Orgs is a go-to book for so many Designers, Design and non-design Leaders.

In our conversation, we cover specifically the difference between Tech-First and Legacy Organisations in how they see Design within their organisational structure, what difference this makes to the way they invest in and support Design, what this means for newly minted design executives.  We touch on themes that I covered with both Jose Dos Santos and Clive Grinyer in earlier episodes about the blockers that Design-Leaders face on the way to the c-suite.

This is a conversation about the mindset, skills, attention and orientation of executive leadership and what Design needs to ‘get over’ (sometimes itself and sometimes others) in order to achieve that.


I referenced an article that Peter published recently on the focus and role of a Design Executive which is really useful to remind Senior Design Executives what is expected of the executive role.

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