The Movie Loot 72: The Wolf of Snow Hollow/October Loot

The Movie Loot

Nov 13 2022 • 30 mins

Now, if you will, gentlemen, let's put this film into perspective, just so you guys can understand where I'm coming from when I talk about it. It's that the woman is the hunted, the animal... and when the wolf catches her, being the predator, the hunter, is gonna kill her! Little bit of biting here? You know, however it goes. They're animals, right? They're outta control. They're fierce, animals, crazy, rrr. That's what I'm sayin'. Let's do this movie... and after that, listen to me talk about a bunch of other films I saw last month.

Music: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The Heist

The Wolf of Snow Hollow clip (c) United Artists