Betting on you to discover your passion w/Guest Angela Bryant

Livewithirenia Stories

May 23 2021 • 39 mins

I am delighted to be beaming in a dynamic leader and entrepreneur, Ms. Angela Bryant, Founder of Angel Rated.  Angel Rated is an independent review site where you can add and read reviews of all the courses, coaches and tools you've used to build your online business.  Angela's  big mission is to help female online business owners find the perfect person, program or platform for the next stage of their business growth.  She created Angel Rated to help others cut through the hype of affiliate reviews and polished testimonials, and to prevent them from wasting time and money on unsuitable products. In this episode we had a fabulous one-one conversation digging deep into how she stumbled unto the online business world and the time she took to really focus on her zone of genius to create Angel Rated. We also took a deep dive into the type of mindset and personal development work which she undertook and I hope it totally resonate with those of you who are trying to figure things out. We also talked about the habits that keeps her grounded. Enjoy this episode! To have your questions and stories featured in future episodes, please send us a message at https://ireniaroussel.org. Remember to subscribe, rate and review this podcast on Apple Podcasts or send us a direct message with your feedback. Please do share this episode with a friend since this may be just the positive conversational blessing they have been waiting for to kickstart their career/entrepreneurialourney.  Let us collectively spread this knowledge across Canada and around the world. My wish for you is to find your new vibes in our new super normal.  I am your host, Irenia Roussel. All aspects of production and artwork was developed and implemented by Irenia Roussel.