Sofia with an F

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Our Editor's Take

Sofia Franklyn is a celebrity in the podcast world. The confident social media star has taken the Internet by force since she first emerged. Fans love her unfiltered, raw conversations and bold attitude. That makes Sofia with an F an intoxicating, uninhibited show. The weak-hearted need not apply.

Sofia shot to fame after the success of her first podcast, Call Her Daddy. That series gained worldwide popularity in two months. She soon left the series, leaving fans in shock. With Sofia with an F, she's bigger and better than ever.

On her show, Sofia explores hard-hitting issues. These include domestic violence, sexual assault, and mental health. Her thoughtful approach to tough conversations has gained her a strong reputation. She's like the internet's big sister, providing advice and guidance. Episodes explore seduction, how to overcome heartbreak, and secrets to great sex.

Sofia and her powerful energy shine through each episode. Plenty of guests are on hand to keep things interesting. They've included comedian Nikki Glaser, actress Kiernan Shipka, and recording artist Jack Harlow. This diverse mixture of guests creates a captivating episode each week.

Sofia is audacious and fearless. She presents daring, gritty topics that are sure to shock yet keep listeners coming back for more. If raw, uncensored talk is gradable, Sofia with an F is a podcast with an A. New episodes arrive weekly on Thursdays.

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