Lovison - Justice for Jarrad

Naumenko - The Podcast

Oct 21 2020 • 15 mins

IMPORTANT: O'BRIEN has been released with no charge. However, sources reveal charges on summons, are currently pending. In this episode Ryan delves into Samantha Guillerme's past. Is she innocent? Was she involved? What was her role? In addition, Ryan describes the way some residents of the Latrobe Valley community tried to create a misinformation campaign; so the killer's responsible for the death of Jarrad Lovison, would be able to walk free. Also, the media in Victoria... Friend or foe? Should we trust what they say? Do journalists have any kind of compassion when researching cases? Or do they just report on cases such as these so they can ensure they receive their paycheck at the end of every week. This episode also reveals explosive allegations that had been made against the deceased by one of the accused.

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