Sustainability is no more a buzz but an indicator of Growth; our experts explain WHY.

Digitalization Trends in Sustainability Space

Oct 18 2021 • 8 mins

The importance of sustainability is all time high now, and it is becoming an integral part of a business strategy overall, for many mature organizations.  Getting towards ‘Net zero’ is no more a theoretical concept but a well-defined program with measurable KPIs and incremental outcomes. In this podcast series, we discuss and understand the underlying aspects of Sustainability in action, like compliance (& emission) data management and global reporting frameworks like CDP and ESG. To drive these demanding and effort for sustainable programs effectively may not be easy at first, but the challenge is well worth the reward.

IT tools and Digitalization in the Sustainability areas is making a lot of difference. Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Integrated applications, and smart automation bring in the expected efficiency and effectiveness. So, it’s like a Digital Drive towards your ‘Green Line’.

Now is your opportunity to Assess, Embrace and Implement those innovative digital solutions around your Sustainability programs. YASH Technologies has been helping many large organizations in their Digital journey towards Sustainability, with extensive consulting and solution experience. Click below for streaming those newer episodes of ‘EHS and Sustainability Podcast Series’ by YASH to hear from our experts on the best practices, technology trends and all the newbies on this Subject.

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