Setting up and running a start up (confidently) with Molly Kent

Women in Confidence

May 16 2022 • 38 mins

Molly Kent is the Founder of Day Seven (d7) a designer fashion wear company for the hospitality industry. How did d7 founder Molly Kent know hospitality workwear needed to evolve? Ten years of experience in the industry. Working across front and back of house roles in various establishments across the globe, Molly experienced first-hand just how integral workplace well being is to the success of an organisation. A stylist and designer by trade, she knew just how much what you wear can influence how you feel. Molly founded d7 while living in Osaka, Japan, where she fused inspiration from on-the-job observations with cultural influences. Driven to help contemporary hospitality workers look, feel and perform at their best, Molly delights in every new opportunity to help deliver a better customer experience. To find out more about Molly and d7: Website: ( IG: ( If you enjoyed this episode, with Molly, then please rate, review and share. Vanessa xx