How having a strategic business plan can support your confidence

Women in Confidence

Jun 29 2022 • 40 mins

Heidi Holvoet is an entrepreneur in heart and soul; she was a nuclear physicist in academia, financial training consultant in corporate, award-winning author and baby sleep consultant in her own company, all while training and gradually fulfilling her mission as a strategic business coach. She has been in business online full time for 16 years and enjoys few things more than helping fellow woman entrepreneurs to nail & achieve their big bold vision, so strategic-efficiently that they always have lots of time and headspace for what truly matters to them in life. She fiercely loves her family & friends, her dog, wild nature and good food, and her mission is to help women everywhere, achieve financial and emotional independence. She values and strives for honesty, kindness, and true equality and inclusion in every aspect of our lives. For more information on Heidi please use the following links: LinkedIn: ( Website: ( Get started with my (Time-Money spreadsheet) If you enjoyed this episode, please rate, review and share - it helps other women find the podcast. Vanessa xxx