Episode 50: The Oracles of Delphi: Women With The Final Word

Esoterix Podcast

May 18 2022 • 51 mins

In ancient Greek society, women rarely held positions of power.  Considered to be second-class citizens, they were unable to participate in politics, own land, or inherit property. F*cking Patriarchy. However, there was one female who held an enormous amount of power: The Oracle of Delphi, a High Priestess who for more than 1,000 years had the ability to render the men of Greece silent, and change the course of history with just one word.

These women were badass intuitives, channels and psychics. Listen in as Jo tells us more. You'll also hear from Fioraliz as she shares her Astro-knowledge about the current Retrograde and Eclipse energy and how to make it your b*tch.

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