Regulate Tech

Richard Allan

If we are inviting you to listen to this then we owe you an explanation for why we recorded it. Some egoism of course sits behind any exercise of this kind, and we fit the bill for middle-aged men making podcasts as they are desperate for someone to listen to them while locked down in a pandemic. But we also have a political purpose and believe we have something useful to contribute to the debate on regulation of internet platforms. This dialogue - about the future of technology, policy and society - is among the most important public conversations that will play out over the next decade, and its outcomes will affect our lives for years to come. You may not agree with all (or much!) of what you hear from us, but we hope you will feel that it is at least well-informed and, if nothing else, provides some useful insights into the thinking of people who have worked ’at the heart of the beast’. All views personal only, and not those of any affiliated organizations, employers or other parties! read less