All about Companions! w/ Shivam Bhatt

The Masters of Modern

Apr 9 2020 • 1 hr 43 mins

Alex and special guest Shivam Bhatt discuss the exciting, and controversial, Companion mechanic! YouTube: Join The MMCast Patreon Discord: MMcast Twitch: Instagram: @TheMMCast Shivam Bhatt: Twitter: @GhirapurGears Check out his podcast Casual Magic! Kess: Twitter: @Kesswylie Instagram: @Kess_Wylie Twitch: Ben: Twitter: @benbatemanmedia Instagram: @BenBatemanMedia Twitch: Michael: Twitter @Dudardd Website: Email: Facebook: Produced by Time Traveler Media - Check out Alex Kessler's Battle Bosses miniatures combat game! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit