LF374 Tessa Lena – Post-Pandemic Panic: You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy

Legalise Freedom Dot Com

Oct 11 2022 • 30 mins

Tessa Lena and Greg Moffitt discuss possible futures as the human predicament shifts from one strain of viral hysteria to another.

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In the wake of all the broken connections and shattered lives of the Coronavirus Crisis, thinking and feeling people the World over are desperate for some respite. But fresh scares and fear-mongering abound, seemingly determined to stampede us into a future of frugality and deprivation, eking out a meagre existence in the ‘new normal’. To have less, do less, and be less amid a high-tech matrix of control and surveillance is now the promised land. To ‘own nothing and be happy’ as we await the end of humanity, engulfed in the virtual reality of a transhumanist utopia. But is this the future you ordered? And if not, whose future is it?