Do Companies Check Credit Scores?

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Jul 17 2015 • 33 mins

#192: Kai used to be responsible for staffing at a firm. She knows first-hand what companies use to check on an applicant's background. 

While a company may check credit reports, they do not review credit scores.

Once again, this is proof that the bare minimum to succeed in America is to simply pay your bills and debts on time.

If you don't have any debts and don't have credit cards, you won't have a credit score. However, you will have a clean credit report - or no information for a credit report to be built upon.

This does not prevent you from getting a job.

UPDATE: My wife and I paid off our last debt, the home mortgage, in December 2015. Within 2 years, I no longer had a credit score. Does that mean I couldn't get a traditional job in corporate America? Of course not! Let my story be your testimony. Spend more time on your personal finances and less time trying to build your credit.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • Why Americans allow themselves to become trapped in debt
  • How much responsibility do we place on the education system to teach children and young adults about financial literacy
  • The truth about employers pulling credit scores or credit reports
  • The 5 Dangers of Buying Cheap and “Splaving”

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