Summer Jobs for Teachers and Destination Debt Freedom

Money Plan SOS

Jul 8 2015 • 47 mins

#191: Heather van der Hoop from comes on the show to offer these suggestions for creating an income - and many of them involve stretching your boundaries as a teacher.

1. Teach English as a Second Language’

2. Teach Abroad

3. Sell Your Lesson Plans Online

4. Work at a Summer Camp

5. Drive for Uber, Lyft or Sidecar

6. Rent Out Your Driveway

7. Rent Extra Space in Your House

8. Become a Local Tour Guide

Destination Debt Freedom

Alan Steinborn and Jackie Beck are spearheading this effort. They came on to explain the benefits and process for how the process works.

Top 10 Financial Oxymorons

I asked the Facebook Group Debt Freedom Fighters what they thought the Top 10 Financial Oxymorons were. The answers are hilarious.

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