Episode 149: The Total Financial Picture with Scott Walton

DealQuest Podcast with Corey Kupfer

Dec 1 2021 • 52 mins

Scott Walton has worked in the securities industry since 1992. He started with a training period at Dean Witter Reynolds' headquarters in New York, where he first began developing his skills in asset allocation, modern portfolio theory, and institutional money management. His experience at Prudential deepened his appreciation of the financial services industry’s role in estate planning and retirement planning. It also showed Scott the importance of understanding the total financial picture for individuals and companies he serves. In 1999, he founded Walton Financial, where he offers an individualized approach to all aspects of financial planning.

After learning about sustainable concepts, Scott was so inspired that he created The Green Resource Center—a 501(c)3 to promote social, economic, and environmental practices. The response has been overwhelming: The Center was honored with four humanitarian awards and received multiple support grants.

  • An Early Deal-Making Start
  • The Role of the Financial Service Industry
  • Full Picture Financial Planning
  • Building Your Legacy
  • Making a Larger Impact
  • And more!

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