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Our Editor's Take

Perspective, hosted by ABC News Radio's Cheri Preston, offers new insights. This podcast offers a fresh view of the week's top news stories. True to its roots in magazine coverage, this podcast highlights thorough reporting. Preston brings decades of reporting experience to the show.

Released every week, the Perspective podcast focuses on fast-moving stories and big themes. Drawing a detailed narrative, listeners will see the news in a different light. Heralded by reviewers as "real news," Preston reports on issues affecting people's lives. Episodes examine many topics in a single episode. From the impact of AI like ChatGPT on education to productivity and a four-day work week, subjects are timely. This podcast analyzes issues from every angle.

Perspective host Preston was once named one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Radio. She has an authoritative yet friendly voice, making this podcast a valuable listen. The podcast talks about both breaking news stories and themes. One episode explains where water comes from in the US.

Listeners appreciate how Preston brings expert guests onto the show. This podcast provides facts and various perspectives to supplement its commentary. Preston offers precise analysis for people wanting to understand controversial news stories. From abortion and gun control to the War in Ukraine, Perspective is here for the hard questions. As these situations evolve, listeners may come to rely on this podcast, knowing it will deliver on its name's promise.

At under 45 minutes, these episodes are easy to fit into the week. Ad-free listening allows fans to become immersed in the stories. This weekly podcast is a good resource for national news. Listeners can learn and get Perspective on what matters in the news.

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