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Interview with Helen Callaghan - Sunday Times Best Seller and Stationery Freak
Nov 17 2022
Interview with Helen Callaghan - Sunday Times Best Seller and Stationery Freak
How excited were we when, Sunday Times Best Selling psychological thriller author, Helen Callaghan agreed to be on the podcast?Helen is a stationery freak, so we dug into her process of writing, typewriters, book soundtracks, choosing colours for books, Moleskines, writing retreats and more. It was a real joy and we’re sure you’ll be inspired and motivated and learn a lot about the world of writing books.Some quotes from the show:“Self-consciousness is the enemy of creativity”On Fountain Pens - “There’s something wonderfully technical about them”On writing retreats - “This is what I’m doing now and I’m concentrating on this”“You create a plan for the chapter, and then you don’t follow it.”“Work on it every day, be engaged in it and a synthesis happens between things in your head.”“Inspiration has to be summoned”Here’s what we covered:NaNoWriMo - and Helen’s engagement in itHow stationery still has an important role in Helen’s life and book writing processWhy seeing what you crossed out on paper is importantWhy choosing a colour scheme for a book being written is important - and how Helen does thisMood boards and music playlistsThe importance, joy and process of writing retreats. Helen mentions Gladstones writing retreats.How Helen plans and plots out a book - and why sometimes she often doesn’t stick to the planWhy writing plots and twists in a book often surprises herself with where it goes!You can find out more about Helen, including her social media and published books here on her website. ThanksRob and Helen