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Join us for an insightful conversation about the state of women’s rights, human rights, and social justice. World YWCA is a global movement that has empowered women to transform themselves and their communities for over 125 years. From war zones to refugee camps, prisons to universities, World YWCA is at the forefront of advancing social justice.The Advocacy Toolkit Podcast is a four-part series produced by the World YWCA. It looks at successful campaigns from recent times within YWCA and the larger women’s rights movement, while talking about the stories behind them. With in-depth interviews, high quality sound editing and a visual backdrop of stunning global images, this podcast is a hands-on guide to advocacy success.If you need help advocating for change on issues such as gender-based violence, ending child marriage, and improving girls’ education, we have you covered here. Get some practical tips and some inspiring stories to get you going with your advocacy. read less
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Episode 1: Faith And Feminism
Jun 8 2023
Episode 1: Faith And Feminism
In this episode of RiseUp! we dive deep into one of the most underestimated and often misunderstood relationships in social organisations today- that of faith and feminism.To kick it all off, join Ruth Mathen from Hong Kong in conversation with host, Chhavi Sachdev. Ruth talks about her work with the Christian Conference of Asia to bring together churches from diverse ecumenical traditions in support of feminist activism. Chhavi continues the discussion with Rajini Sureka, a RiseUp! Alumna, a Sri Lankan feminist with both Buddhist and Christian heritage with roots in the YWCA, currently working out of Australia. The third guest Joy Eva Hall is from the Philippines and works in Geneva with the World Council of Churches on youth engagement. How does she incorporate her faith with her feminist practice? Listen to find out …This podcast is brought to you by the Australian Government under the RiseUp! Young Women’s Leadership and Advocacy initiative in Asia-Pacific region.Guests: Ruth Mathen, Rajini Sureka and Joy Eva Bohol                                                            Host: Chhavi Sachdev                                                                                                                                  Team: Dr. Suchi Gaur and Nirmala Gurung at World YWCA                                            Podcast production: Chhavi Sachdev and the team at Sonologue: Sharad Joshi & Deepa D.