MD 012 Scapulator and the Tithe of Gains w/ Grant Howitt (Honey Heist, Spire, Heart)

Mad Dungeon

Dec 7 2021 • 1 hr 44 mins

Lich lord Scapulator has built Crush Hammer Gym, a colossal skyscraper in the shape of a muscled arm flexing with a bulging bicep. He’s lured muscle wizards here under the guise of a fitness cult, but his actual intentions are to mystically syphon their strength into the gym to give it enough power to punch The Moon, a loving & benevolent god who looks down on the world while threateningly holding a shiv. Can the PCs stop Scapulator before he can initiate his world-ending punch of vengeance?

This week's guest: Grant Howitt is an Ennie Award winning RPG creator of Honey Heist, Spire, Heart and dozens (hundreds?) more games. He's one third of the game company Rowan, Rook and Decard. We talk his game Havoc Brigade, Goblin Punks, One Last Job, Orcball.

His current project through his patreon is one-page game collaboration with folks like: Becky Annison (Lovecraftesque, Bite Marks, When the Dark is Gone), Nathan Blades (Queer android game show host), Jay Dragon (Possum Creek Games), Sarah Gordon (Vicious Creatures), Thryn Henderson (Small Town Skeletons, the Mixtape onepages, RYNE) and many more.

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