Eye Know - Do You?

Eye Want 2 Know® by Spark Therapeutics

Join the Two Blind Brothers, Bradford and Bryan Manning, on a journey to learn more about genetic testing. Diagnosed with Stargardt disease as boys, Bradford and Bryan are known for their advocacy and charitable work in the inherited retinal disease (IRD) community. Eye Know – Do You? is sponsored by Spark® Therapeutics. To learn more about inherited retinal diseases and the importance of genetic testing visit www.EyeWant2Know.com. Some speakers have been compensated for their time.
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Ready for Science
Nov 22 2021
15 mins
Ready for ScienceUnderstanding Genetic Test ResultsReceiving Genetic Test ResultsPursuing A Genetic TestMary Lou Johnson Evans, the Motivated MotherApril Lufriu, the Empowered Mother and CompetitorApril Lufriu, the Prepared PatientTucker Dupree, the Swimmer with Limitless VisionTucker Dupree, the Determined TeenagerDr. Chris Moen, the Impassioned Doctor and AdvocateDr. Elias Traboulsi, the Genetics-Focused OphthalmologistMeghan DeBenedictis, the Enlightened Genetic CounselorDanelle Umstead, the Blind Paralympian