Episode 214 - The Church: A Place for Growth

Highlawn Baptist Church

Jan 29 2023 • 42 mins

The church is not a place to come, check to make sure your spot in the pew cushion is still there, watch the musical concert, glaze over while the guy up there is droning on about something or other, then going home knowing you were a blessing to God by checking in this morning. No, the church is a place where imperfect people come to learn, participate, fellowship, worship, and overall grow in their sanctification.

Join Pastor Jason as he outlines from Ephesians, the role of the disciple and the disciple maker. When we come to church...what should we expect and what should be expected of us?

Reverend Jason Robbins

Highlawn Baptist Church (www.HighlawnBaptistChurch.org)

Today's Scriptures:

Morning Service January 22, 2023

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