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Sharing conversations with members and friends of the Mar Thoma Church community, particularly among those in the Diocese of North America & Europe.

Interviews typically include a guest sharing their thoughts on various topics including (but not limited to) faith and traditions, personal experiences, and anything else that we might not normally get to talk about before or after church.

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Mar 29 2020
3 mins
#26 Joshua M. Thomas on Teach For America and his role on the Board of Education#25 Dony Oommen and George discuss Content Creation and MTC Choir#24 Betsy Chacko on Spiritual and Emotional Wellness#23 - Shibu Philipose: Family, Calling, & A Career In Law Enforcement#22 - Merlin Saji: My First MTC Leadership Conference#21 - Divya Mathew: How My Nomination Was Rejected#20 - Rev. Dennis Abraham: My Journey#19 - Beena David: Malayalam Music as a Western Musician
Guest: Been DavidParish: St. Thomas MTC (Lombard, IL)Interview Date: January 19, 2021In this interview, Beena and I have fun geeking-out on the challenges of singing an Eastern classic after years of training and experience as a Western classically trained vocalist.The song, Yahoodiayile Oru Grammathil, is a popular Christmas devotional song that was made popular by Yesudas. Beena's version almost sounds like a different song, while still evoking the same feeling of Christmas. We explore what lead her to prepare and record the song, along with what was involved with the process. You can hear the song either on YouTube or Facebook.Yahoodiayile oru grammathil / യഹൂദിയായിലെ ഒരു ഗ്രാമത്തില്‍Hear the song on YouTube: https://youtu.be/6La0JtFd6WYHear the song on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mezzomama/videos/10159110645241399/?__tn__=%2CO-ROther Samples of Beena's Operatic Singing:higher register - https://mezzomama.bandcamp.com/track/o-pallida-lamico-fritz-p-mascagnilower register (start at 0:25) - https://mezzomama.bandcamp.com/track/o-ma-lyre-immortelle-c-gounod-saphoEast vs. West -- the myths that mystify (TED Talk referenced by George)https://www.ted.com/talks/devdutt_pattanaik_east_vs_west_the_myths_that_mystify/up-next?language=en___________________________________WEBSITE: www.marthopodcast.comCONTACT: george@marthomacommunitypodcast.comFacebook/Instagram/Twitter: @marthopodcastDON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBESupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/marthopodcast)
Feb 3 2021
38 mins
#18 - Pushpa Samuel: Engineer, Principal, Chaplain#17 - Ron Jacob: Women as Lay Ministers, "The Revolution", and Be The Match (2 of 2)#16 - Ron Jacob: Background, Assembly, and the Constitution (1 of 2)#15 - Merry Thomas: How I Assisted Thirumeni During Qurbana (Communion)#14 - Merry Thomas: Youth & Lay Chaplains#13 - Merry Thomas: Diocesan Council#12 - Larry Achen: An Extension of Worship / Next Gen. Ownership#11 - Larry Achen: My Path to Becoming an Achen#10.1 - Bonus Clip - Shaun's thoughts on "The 'Indian Church' Must Die" (Article by Charles Samuel)#10 - Online Worship#9 - Staying Relevant#8 - #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives (Danielle Verghese)