How Your Martial Arts Teacher Can Get You Killed

Pearl Snap Tactical

Jun 25 2021 • 42 mins

Does my Kung-Fu grip really beat Alex's flying back kick?  All joking aside, the inter-webs are a wash with folks arguing about why the techniques in their fighting system is superior than the others.  But is that even where the discussion should start?

In this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical, Alex and I are going to approach the topic from a different angle to find that when it comes to evaluating a martial art or "reality-based" system, we may need to examine it from a different framework.

Plus, we take your questions:

  • Which holsters are best for CCW?
  • Conceal Carry Insurance - is it worth it?
  • How can we draw and shoot faster ( more accurately)?

It's all in this episode of Pearl Snap Tactical!

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