Meditate Your Way to Success, with Michael Atma

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May 20 2021 • 32 mins (Michael Atma) is a bestselling author, business owner, and freedom coach. After rising from the ashes following his battle with low self-esteem and self-destruction, he has dedicated his life to mindfulness and leading others into present living. In his own words, “Everything about you is okay if you don’t judge it. Just for today, give yourself permission to think, say, and do what's authentic for you. Life is but a blink of an eye so why waste time trying to please others or do what's expected by the crowd. Instead, please yourself and do what’s right for you. This is how we walk a path of self-mastery one aligned action step at a time.” Michael’s life-transforming program (Pathcutters) provides programs and learning experiences designed for anyone ready to step into their greatness. Several courses offered in Michael’s program are: (Evolve Academy) -Meditations and Breathwork Coach and Instructor Training (Integrate Group Coaching) -A Monthly Mentor Program to Free Your Mind and Unleash Your Spirit (I am Enough Program ) -An 8 Week Activation Program (Meditation Mastery) -A 30 Day Transformation Journey to Master your Meditation Practice (The Awakening Retreat) -7 Days of Embodied Life-Changing Processes & Deepening Bliss (The Manifesting Retreat) -Discover how to Manifest your Dream life in just Three Days Michaels work focuses on mindfulness and bringing people to their present moment in their body. His book, ( Master your Mindspace) details strategies in which living in the now can be attained. Michael says, “It's how we give away some of our present moment about worrying about what other people think. If you still care about what other people think, then the mindful thing to do is just acknowledge that. If other people's opinions or what they think about you matter then just the awareness of that matters. Do I continue to worry about what other people think and continue to worry or do I perhaps stretch a little and wear a pink hat, or a tutu, or talk in a high voice today? It's really hard to jump off a cliff and get it all in one hit. Eventually, your boundaries start to get a little bit bigger and a little bit more open. I’m just projecting onto them and it has everything to do with my insecurities. It's about wanting to and being ready and willing to stretch those one moment at a time” If you would like to learn more about Michael Atma and walking your own path you can visit: (Pathcutters) (Website) (Linkedin) (Facebook ) Join (Kirstin) for " (Soul Tea -- Conversations On the Soul)” Discussion to support your Soul's Journey and its Evolution Meets online every other Friday 12 pm – 2 pm Eastern Free -- please register at (