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Our Editor's Take

The SoFi Daily Podcast provides each day's finance updates and stories. Every morning, the show offers a brief, informative episode. Listeners learn about promising investments, struggling companies, and the global market.

SoFi is a finance company that offers many services. Its mission is to help individuals achieve their financial goals. The company believes in making their members' money work for the life they want to live. Its more than 6 million members can refinance loans, invest, and bank. Sofi's other podcasts include The Important Part: Investing with Liz Young and Embracing Diversity.

Each podcast episode begins with the daily news. Topics include student loans and forgiving student debt, rising stocks, and worker strikes. In one episode, listeners learn why Kaiser Permanente employees are striking. The health insurance company's workers insisted that understaffing was dangerous for patients. After three days, the strikers reached a deal, thanks to the help of US Labor Secretary Julie Su. She bargained until 3 a.m. in San Francisco, where the meeting took place. Besides more staff, the union workers earned a 21% raise. What will this mean for those insured by Kaiser? Either way, it's a win for patients and workers.

SoFi Daily tells listeners about Starbucks' new coffee plant and Macy's opening 30 new stores. The Macy's expansion means a larger sales force. Its growth benefits the economy and US employment rate. In the meantime, Apple shareholders may see their investments continue upward. While many could save money keeping their current iPhones, each new model is enticing. Listeners also hear how networks like CNN and ABC have adapted to streaming.

Listeners hear about the New York Stock Exchange and industry updates. The news never stops, and neither does the SoFi Daily Podcast. New episodes come out every morning.

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