Apink "Seven Springs of Apink" (2011)

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Apr 19 2023 • 5 mins

In this episode, we begin digging into the discography of Apink days before their 12th anniversary. Their debut EP, Seven Springs of Apink, was released April 19, 2011, and marked an entry into an arena filled with some of the most fierce female-group competition at that time. Their origins, right after the drop.

When you have a lot of companies involved in the success of an act, there’s likely a lot of interest before they hit the big stage. In Apink’s case, their founding in 2011 was chronicled in a reality show called Apink News. The cable show chronicled their launch process for three seasons with second generation K-pop idols as the hosts, such as members of BEAST, MBLAQ, and 4MINUTE.

Then, on April 19 of that year, members Son Na-eun, Park Cho-rong, Oh Ha-young, Jeong Eun-ji, Hong Yoo-kyung, Yoon Bi-mi, and Kim Nam-joo made their debut with their first extended play, Seven Springs of Apink.

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