Chaturbate Is Now Stepping Into Gaming. Will It Hurt Twitch?

NickMoses05 Gaming Podcast

Oct 5 2021 • 11 mins

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Women Who Play Games and Wanna Start Chaturbate Now May Be the Time

Chaturbate is a site that probably doesn't require an introduction, given the name is a portmanteau of exactly what users do there. However, some cam stars would attempt to spice up their livestreams by playing video games in between their spicy sessions. Often this resulted in the stream going dark and the cammer receiving a sternly-worded warning from Chaturbate as the site didn't want to run afoul of copyright issues.

Although that might be about to change. Chaturbate has just announced that it will allow some games to be played by stars on the site, effectively turning Chaturbate into the Twitch of the porn industry.

To start streaming games on Chaturbate, first head to the broadcast page and click to add any of the approved games to your broadcast. Then just start playing and start streaming.

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