Update To Edge Browser On Xbox Allows Discord With Almost All Features

NickMoses05 Gaming Podcast

Oct 5 2021 • 6 mins

Link to article: https://bit.ly/3uK8bo4
Now the Last Thing We Need Is For Discord To Work While We Play Our Games Xbox

Since its launch in 2015, Discord has become a surprisingly ubiquitous application. The app combines group voice/video call technology with text chat rooms to create homes for online communities. Discord is truly unlike anything else offered, either on PC or consoles. In fact, Discord's feature set is so robust that it's often requested that the app be made functional for Xbox consoles. While there's no word on official support for that, a new Xbox update may have changed things.

Xbox consoles recently received an update introducing Microsoft's Edge internet browser to the platform. An older version of Edge was previously available, but the new version based on Chromium is significantly more robust and featureful. The intent is to allow Xbox console gamers to be able to tab to the Edge browser for whatever needs they may have mid-game, whether it be guides, tips, or what have you. Notably, Discord can be run from a browser, too.

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