Reliability Matters with Mike Konrad

The Limelight

May 30 2023 • 22 mins

Mike Konrad’s podcast is an independent show, free of ads and sponsors. He’s not trying to sell anyone anything – in fact, his business model is all about giving and education. He believes that ads and sponsors affect both the content of a show and the way the listeners experience the show.

Mike thinks of himself as a sales guy, and he started with a much more hardcore sales strategy, then realized that this tactic wasn’t really achieving what he wanted. He had to transition from a sales business model to one that was education based. He explains that he has 120 episodes published now, and it took a year to get to 1000 downloads, but now he’s at about 6000. His is a niche show, so the audience isn’t likely to overtake Joe Rogan, but it is growing and his business is flourishing.

What makes Mike a good podcast host? He likes to talk to other people, he’s curious, and he likes to learn. Those are all important qualities for a podcast host. Mike believes that creating a quality podcast is easier to do than you might think if you’ve never tried it. The barrier to entry is low, and creating decent production values is very doable. With good production values and quality content, a podcaster will see success over time.


Mike Konrad

Reliability Matters