Sensitivity Rising

Tonya Rothe

Welcome to the Sensitivity Rising Podcast! We want to live in a world where highly sensitive people are seen heard and respected. Where sensitives believe in their value and worth and where they can access the tools they need to nurture and embrace their trait. We believe that high sensitivity is expansive and NOT limiting and that being neurodiverse isn’t better or worse- just another way of being human. The intention of this podcast is to help highly sensitive people turn down the noise and tune into their inner guidance systems. When we do this, we raise our vibration and energy to connect with our inner radiance. We’ll focus on re-connecting with the cycles of nature, accessing the energies that already exist within us, using simple tools to practice caring for ourselves and ways we can use our sensitivity to help heal our world. We’ll learn to embrace all the layers of our being to uncover our true selves so we can use our voices, follow our hearts and share what we know to be true with the rest of the world, that high sensitivity is not only essential in our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces but high sensitivity is vital for the future of humanity. New episodes released every other Wednesday on a biweekly schedule. We’re so excited to share the extraordinary journey of highly sensitive living alongside you! read less