73. Dr. Lorenzo Cohen & Alison Jeffries: Transform Your Life & Health - Touched by Cancer or Not

Happiness through Hardship

Jan 12 2022 • 58 mins

Do you want to feel vibrant, look your best and perhaps save your life? On this week's episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast we dive into a past episode that can help you do just that, whether you're touched by cancer or not! I’m honored to re-release this episode with husband/wife duo, Dr. Lorenzo Cohen and Alison Jeffries and co-authors of “Anticancer Living – Transform Your Life and Health with the Mix of Six.” Together they have helped many people, including me, thrive with cancer, cope with chronic illnesses and feel their very best! I've listened to this episode over six times and continue to connect with more gems of useful intel: enlightening facts and incredibly inspiring information. Lorenzo and Alison continue to help and inspire people touched by cancer as well as those dealing with other hardships. They share how a “synergy of changing your lifestyle in a number of areas makes each change more effective than it would be on its own.” (Mix of Six) Check out today’s episode, whether it's new to you or you're listening again, I'm sure you will find many new take-aways including details you didn't digest before, added time codes to important parts of the interview, additional resources and inspirational stories of those touched by cancer. SHOW NOTES 6:05 - Lorenzo and Alison share their backgrounds and how they started this journey 10:39 - Realizing cancer can be prevented 12:13 - Lorenzo and Alison discuss the Mix of Six 14:43 - The benefits of having love and support 21:14  - Lorenzo and Alison discuss the importance of connecting with those around us 24:20 - Eudaimonic Well Being vs. Hedonic Well Being 27:46 - Small meditation moments we can fit into our day 36:18 - The Three Bite Rule 37:20 - Lorenzo and Alison discuss their ideal day 43:08 - The importance of having a healthy diet 49:40  -Caryn, Lorenzo, and Alison play The Grateful Game Buy the Book: https://amzn.to/2XenV2T Anticancer-living work: https://anticancer-living.com/ Society for Integrative Oncology: https://integrativeonc.org/ CONNECT WITH DR. COHEN AND ALISON JEFFRIES Facebook: Www.Facebook.com/anticancerlivingbook Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anticancer_living/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrLCohen OTHER RELEVANT PODCAST EPISODES ON CANCER +Mini-episode: First Few Weeks of Cancer / Early Diagnosis on HTH - The Podcast: https://apple.co/2Gd5oiu +Mini-episode: What to Do, Say or Give to a Friend with Cancer - Caregiver Tips: https://apple.co/349Zvuw +Mini-Episode: Scanxiety: Easing the Scanxiety with Scans: https://prettywellness.com/scans/ +Episode 19: A Cancer Caregiver's Perspective on Healing, Hope & Happiness - Kevin (and Caryn) Sullivan: http://apple.co/2L8oqcf +Episode 64: Helping Women through the Hardship of Cancer Costs with Infinite Strength's Roberta Lombardi: https://prettywellness.com/roberta-lombardi/ +Episode 70: How to Ask for Help with Breast Friends Fund founder Sandy Cassanelli: https://prettywellness.com/ask-for-help/ INSPIRATIONAL STORIES +Inspirational Story Samantha Harris: Cancer Conversations and Your Healthiest Healthy: https://prettywellness.com/samantha-harris/ +Inspirational Story Brandi L. Benson: How one woman fought for her country and life with Ewing's Sarcoma: https://prettywellness.com/brandi-l-benson/ +Inspirational Story Nediva Monroe: Weight Loss and Health Heals: https://prettywellness.com/nediva-monroe/ CONNECT with us www.PrettyWellness.com/podcast - for more information on the podcast episodes 
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