Mindset Is Art

CJ Ledy

Your thoughts and mindset are an artistic expression of who you are. How is the art you're creating influencing your potential and quality of life? CJ Ledy is a mindset coach, author, and keynote speaker who mixes science, stories, and inspiration to create an educational, personal development podcast focused on ways to take great care of your mind. Ledy is also a real estate entrepreneur with a transaction volume over $100M and speaks to the power of mindset as it relates to business success and balance in life. Mindset Is Art centers around philosophy, human psychology, mindset, neurology, and state of mind, as they relate to life and business. Whether you're a business person, a creative artist, or simply someone who wants to live life to the fullest, this podcast is for you. Visit CJLedy.com for more information on coaching, the book launch, new podcast episodes, and other mindset motivation.
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Are You a Supercommunicator?
5d ago
Are You a Supercommunicator?
On a scale of 1 - 10, how good are you at entering rapport in important conversations?  There are a handful of skills that create good conversationalists.  When you're in conversation, do you find yourself listening intently on what the other person is saying, or do you find yourself thinking about what you're going to say next?  Charles Duhigg’s book, Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection, out lines the three buckets that our conversations fall into: What is this really about? (practical)Who are we? (Social)How do we feel? (emotional) Today we will break down different tactics to improve the effectiveness and enjoyability of our communication.  "Every discussion is made up of multiple kinds of conversations. And unless you're having the same kind of conversation as the other person at the same time, you can't really hear each other and you can't really connect." ― Charles Duhigg  "If there's one thing that I hope people carry away, it's this—that forming connections with others is really important...And the way that we do that is through conversations. And most importantly, anyone can learn to have meaningful conversations. Anyone can learn to become a supercommunicator." ― Charles Duhigg  "To communicate with someone, we must connect with them. When we absorb what someone is saying and they comprehend what we say, it's because our brains have, to some degree, aligned." ― Charles Duhigg  For more info on coaching, and other mindset motivation head over to http://CJLEDY.com  My Book Tune Your Mind: https://a.co/d/3XVovrK
Distractions... Beyond a Loss of Productivity?
Feb 12 2024
Distractions... Beyond a Loss of Productivity?
How many distractions have you experienced today? Have you ever tracked each one? Distractions and disruptions are reshaping who we are becoming, amplified by the accelerating technological revolution.  On average, recovering from a distraction takes over 23 minutes, with people facing 31-60 micro and macro distractions daily. Distractions: Beyond Productivity Distractions jeopardize more than just productivity; they reshape our identity and mindset. When we allow distractions to steal attention, we surrender our intentional path, altering our neural pathways and thought processes. The stakes are high, impacting not just our time but the very framework of who we are and who we aim to become. The Tool of the Day: Track Your Distractions To regain control, start by tracking distractions. Identify the top five distractions and develop plans to manage them. The second stage involves building a mindset powerful enough to overcome distractions, a concept explored in my book, "Tune Your Mind." Track distractions daily, increasing awareness of their impact. The key is to manage your environment and build a resilient mindset that prioritizes what truly matters. Conclusion: What's at Stake? Distractions compromise not only our time but the essence of our identity. It's crucial to understand the depth of their influence and take intentional steps to reclaim ownership over who we are becoming. If you're interested in my book:  "Tune Your Mind" on Amazon (CLICK FOR LINK)