Justifying The F Word

Quinn and Megan Brown

Justifying the F word is all about living your best life through your 40's and 50's. This podcast features advice, interviews, and a road map to ensure that your F word years are extremely fulfilling and not spent in crisis mode. Time to give yourself permission to be un-apologetically yourself and help others along the way. Jump in, the water is warm.

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It's Only Weird If You Make It Weird.....
It's Only Weird If You Make It Weird.....Your Check Engine Light is On......QB Is Leveling UP!Never Say Never5 New HobbiesPay It ForwardYour Flight Has Been Canceled........Vacation ModeMy Parents Are So Old, With Special Guest Sienna BrownIt's Ok To Be Happy About Winning With Zach Brown....Hey, aren't you a little too old for that?RegretsGetting Pretty Tired of Living Through Historic Events!On Your Mark, Get Set, Start Over!Finish LinesParenting Part 2-With Trevor and Nicole ComptonWelcome To The Guiltiest Part Of Your Life (Parenting)......So This Is 40?Can You Hear Me Now?Making The Rest of Your Life The Best Of Your Life With Kory and Amber Holker