Episode 28: Rick Miller: The Power of Coaching

The Overlap Podcast

Sep 20 2021 • 1 hr 15 mins

Sid Sexton and Keith Glines, our host, have a conversation with Rick Miller.

Rick Miller is from Mobile, Alabama and attended college at Alabama to get a degree in accounting. After college moved to New York City to work for a large accounting firm. During Rick’s time in New York a friend encouraged Rick to apply to Harvard Business School then Rick got accepted. After graduating Harvard Rick moves out west gets married to his wife. As Rick and his wife started their family they decided to move back to Alabama.

After getting settled in Fairhope, Alabama Rick began to consult small business. Consulting businesses morphed into being a business coach.

Why Rick decide to be a business coach because even the most successful people in their field have a coach. Tom Brady has a coach, Serena Williams has a coach, most successful business leaders have a coach. Therefore, Rick wanted to help leaders be the best they can be by being their coach.

Rick answers the question that most of us have when we hear of business coaches—why do I need one?

  1. Accountability.

    A coach is someone who will show up on a consistent basis and they know they will be held accountable for the results.

  2. Accessibility

    A coach gives you a broader perspective. A coach is outside the business but is knowledgable enough about your organization they can give specific input that fits your situation.

  3. Analysis

    We all have blindspots and a coach can help you identify those and help you through those blindspots.

“Balance is more important than speed."

Rick shares his philosophy of living a life of the Overlap (a balanced life). Where not only one area of your life is succeeding but all areas of your life can succeed and it begins with four boxes. The boxes are: Work, Family, Community, Spiritual. When you put effort into all four boxes you live a balanced life. A life that is what this podcast desires you to live.

You will never consistently stay balance but if you have this framework you will do better than you ever could without living with this framework.

That is just the beginning of this episode that is jam packed with wisdom that will improve your life as a whole. This episode really shows that we are not just a podcast to improve your business but a podcast to improve your life.



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