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MMM Case #10 - MISSING - Jared Shadeed
May 31 2024
MMM Case #10 - MISSING - Jared Shadeed
Dark Adaptation's monthly segment, "Missing, Murdered, Mysterious", is designed to highlight unsolved cases of missing people, homicides, and mysterious deaths and focuses on BIPOC in North America. Today’s case focuses on a missing person named Jared Shadeed.   MMM Case #10: In July 2023, Jared Shadeed was captured on surveillance footage leaving the Air BnB he was staying at in the Squire Park neighbourhood of Seattle, Washington. He had few belongings with him, leaving the rest of his luggage inside the share-rental. This is the last time Jared was seen. A few weeks later, his SUV mysteriously appears in a Los Angeles neighbourhood, but there is still no sign of Jared. How did his vehicle end up 1,100 miles away? How has there been no trace of Jared's whereabouts or clues to the possible circumstances surrounding his disappearance? His family has been desperately seeking answers for the past 10 months, but sadly, the disappearance of Jared Shadeed remains as perplexing today as it was in those early days... If you have any information about the disappearance of Jared Shadeed, who was last seen on the surveillance footage of the Air BnB located in the 200 block of 16th Avenue in Seattle’s Squire Park neighbourhood on July 30, 2023, please contact the Seattle Police Department at (206) 625-5011.   Videos and photos related to Jared's case are available on our Instagram & website: @darkadaptationpodcast & www.darkadaptationpodcast.ca   Episode Sources: News Nation Now Fox 13 Seattle Fox 11 Los Angeles KING 5 Seattle News Nation New Pittsburgh Courier WTAP USA Today Augusta Free Press Celebs Week
Best Of: USA - The Trick-or-Treat Murder
Oct 9 2023
Best Of: USA - The Trick-or-Treat Murder
Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to the "Brie spent all week writing an episode and then got sick and now we're releasing a Best of" episode! For our listeners, don't worry! We promised you 5 episodes this month, and by god you're gonna get it... just not today. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this throwback classic. --- It’s Halloween night in 1957. Betty and Peter Fabiano had turned out the lights in their home in Sun Valley, California. They had just gotten comfy in bed when they heard the doorbell ring. It was past 11 p.m., and they hadn’t had trick-or-treaters in hours. They probably looked at each other, debating who would go answer the door, when the doorbell rang again. Betty watched as Peter got out of bed and headed down the stairs. She heard him answer the door saying, “Yes? Isn’t it kind of late for this sort of thing?” She couldn’t make out the response of the person at the door – she just heard a strange voice that sounded to her like a woman impersonating a man. Suddenly, she heard a pop, then a thump, then silence. As she hurried downstairs to see what was happening, she heard a car outside speed off into the night, the screeching tires faded into the screech of her own terrified screams as she looked down at Peter, who was sprawled out on the floor, unconscious, with blood pouring out of his chest… Please rate, review, and subscribe wherever you're listening! ♥ Buy Us A Coffee ♥ Buy A Patch ♥ Follow And Message Us On Instagram ♥ Email Us Some Dark Love