CORE/Karen Smyers

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Jul 29 2022 • 59 mins

In this episode: The CORE body temperature monitor promises to make you perform better by allowing you to know when you are overheating and better perform heat acclimation protocols in preparation for events in warmer climates. There is a lot of science on their website but not a whole lot in the way of proof of concept. I review what is known on heat acclimation and try to understand how this technology might be useful. Karen Smyers won the Ironman World Championship and had several podium finishes in a career that included success on the ITU circuit as well. Now a coach and motivational speaker she still trains and races and speaks with me about her time in the sport and some of the keys to her successes. About Karen: will email it Segments: [08:47]- CORE [19:54]- Interview Links (Karen's Facebook page) (Karen's Website)